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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Episode 4, and Not a Moment Too Soon...Plus our May Selection

Finally, after several unfortunate delays, we are proud to bring you our April episode! We discuss David Bishop's 5th Doctor Adventure Past Doctor Adventure Empire of Death. We had a lively, if a bit lengthy, discussion on this tale, and I (Erik) sincerely apologize for my heavy breathing and thick voice--I was suffering from serious allergies. On the plus side, That Chip Guy, known to millions around the universe as The Two-Minute Time Lord, was kind enough to provide us a snippet of the book in his sonorous tones. Of course, spoilers lurk within this podcast, so be forewarned.

And now, the moment you've been waiting for: our May selection is... The Scales of Injustice (ISBN: 0-426-20477-8). Yes, indeedy! This is a Virgin Missing Adventure set between "Inferno" and "Terror of the Autons"* featuring the Third Doctor and Liz Shaw's second encounter with the Silurians...or homo reptilia, if you will. Plus, it's written by Gary Russell, so I think we're in for a bit of a treat.

'And what exactly, Doctor Shaw, do you think C19 does with the dead bodies of plastic dummies, reptile men, primordial throwbacks and all their human victims?'

A little boy goes missing; a policewoman begins drawing cave paintings; and the employees at the mysterious Glasshouse are desperate to keep everyone away — the Doctor suspects it's all down to a group of homo reptilia. His assistant, Liz Shaw, has ideas of her own and has teamed up with a journalist to search for people who don't exist.

While the Brigadier has to cope with UNIT funding, the breakdown of his marriage and Geneva's threats to replace him, the Doctor must find the reptiles alone.

And behind it all lies a conspiracy to exploit UNIT's achievements — a conspiracy reaching deep into the heart of the British Government.

I am a big fan of Liz Shaw and the Silurians, so I'm looking forward to diving into this tale. Join us, won't you? We'll release sometime in May.

*It's also set immediately after the VMA The Eye of the Giant, though I have no idea how important it is to know that.

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